Like everything else in life, our products and services are subject to constant change and thus to further development. Particularly in the smart building environment, new concepts and technologies are catalysts for change, and our innovative solutions are geared toward them.


To do justice to this level of development, we decided to change the name of the smart building assist platform ElioT to Eliona - smart building assistant.


As a member of the Leicom Group, with more than 23 years of experience in building and infrastructure automation, we - Leicom ITEC - have successfully completed the digital transformation of our product portfolio.


ElioT initially complemented our products with IoT technology and incorporated their protocols, such as LoRaWAN or BLE, into conventional building automation and building management systems. Boasting an impressive number of implemented IoT use cases as references, the awareness of the benefits and added value provided by ElioT began to grow -> further development of a digital infrastructure focusing on relevant protocols, including data, and linking them to modern IT technology.


Our attention was, is and always will be on a holistic, open and smart solution. Retrofitting individual sensors and adding specific solutions was a common approach to dealing with new technologies - as the first level.


We are now taking our smart building assist platform to the next level, thereby providing a data platform that is open and accessible to all relevant data within an infrastructure. Our ambition remains to interconnect various systems and, also as a broker (hub), to distribute data to a range of systems. This has an immediate impact on the existing installation, including operation, and we avoid the construction of isolated systems, so-called data silos.


Through years of experience, we understand infrastructures, speak all industry-specific protocols, read plant identification systems and integrate IFC (BIM), Haystack and individual IoT solutions.


Another advantage is that we allow all users of a digital infrastructure to interact with it ... Smart Assist app ... which brings us back to Eliona.


This maturity process is now also reflected in the name. Eliona is an «enabler» of «innovation» in buildings and -> an «assistance» platform that combines all IO systems.