Smart Building Plattform

ElioT connects your infrastructure, enhances user satisfaction and indicates building performance through key performance indicators (KPIs).

Current developments on digitization, IoT, big data, smart data, smart city can be found in our blog.


Our attractive and flexible plans are based on the type of property or the number of data objects.


Building automation

Management systems such as APROL, ControlMaestro, WIN CC OA, etc.

BACnet, ModBus, Dali, KNX


Wired and wireless sensors

LoRa (3-10 km), NB-IoT (∞), LTE-M (∞),
BLE 5.0 (80-100 m), WiFi (20-50 m)

IoT platforms and Big Data servers

Apache Kafka, Mindsphere, IBM Watson, etc.

Web services for all standard interfaces

Data capturing

Capturing as many data sources as possible in the focus of smart commercial buildings

Data normalization
and modeling

1. Normalization

Conversion of all incoming data into a uniform data format (ElioT objects).

2. Modeling

Modeling of objects for:

Haystack (SkySpark)

CAFM (Planon, etc.)

Webservices (JSON, XML, CSV)

3. Digital twin

ElioT interlinks basic building data and real-time values for object monitoring. The data are additionally prepared for the digital twin.



Target compliant distribution of ElioT data objects according to a set of rules.

Asset management

Registration, management and control of IoT and GA sensors, as well as actuators, gateways and data objects.

Processing and action management

Scenario management

Processes can be automated by means of self-configurable rules (IFTTT).

BIM dimensions

2D: Floor plans
3D: Complete geometric description, incl. additional information
6D: Sustainability and efficiency
7D: Facility Management

Alarm management

Alerting and initiating measures according to scenarios in the event of faults such as fire, water damage, production downtime, etc.

In real time

Analysis and machine learning


Creation of statistical evaluations, automated checks on the basis of operating patterns, alerting in the event of malfunctioning and highlighting optimization potential.

Predictive analysis

Correlation of weather data with presence data for energy consumption predictions. Fan vibration sensors, for example, measure a vibration deviation and report it before a fan fails.

Prescriptive analysis

Continuous flow of data and its analysis for efficient and automated system control. The more data that is supplied, the more accurately predictions can be made and decision options displayed.

Machine learning

The system learns from large amounts of data.  Data are linked, correlations are identified and conclusions and predictions (e.g. predictive maintenance) are made.

smart data

Smart assist

Augmented reality

Visualization with dashboards

Economic benefits of the
Smart Building platform ElioT

Planning, operation and building management

  • Requirements analysis with clients
  • Planning and implementing a smart building
  • IoT-based building management and data-driven operations management and optimization
  • Intelligent inter-trade communication ensures energy-efficient operation

Savings potential

  • Saving up to 50% space through intelligent space planning
  • Reducing building management costs by up to 20% and meet energy targets
  • Increasing production by up to 15%
  • Regulating energy flows for resource-conserving climate control
  • Digital test bench
  • Increasing building performance through intelligent algorithms

Predictive maintenance

  • Executing maintenance before a defect occurs
  • Predicting possible scenarios and states
  • Reducing maintenance costs and avoiding machine downtime

Technology and Services

    • Globally scalable technology: React/Redux, Google Material Design, Message Broker
    • Local services: Individual adjustments, installation, configuration, support and training

    Security and Hosting


    256-bit encryption of communication and storage.


    Guaranteed availability due to redundant structures.

    Data sovereignty

    ElioT provides you with absolute data sovereignty.

    Data sovereignty

    ElioT cloud, On Premise or Public cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform)


    ElioT is the digital solution for improving your operational processes, products and services. Create a new customer experience.

    Digital infrastructures

    ElioT is an open platform for monitoring, controlling and optimizing digital infrastructures.


    Tracking medical equipment. For better capacity utilization and patient-oriented offerings.

    Industry 4.0

    Detecting deviations during system operation. Pre-emptive maintenance. System downtime is avoided.

    Utility companies

    Monitoring energy generators and evaluating capacity utilization and profitability.

    Traffic/Train stations

    Automating lighting systems, monitoring escalators, conveyor belts, etc.


    Retrofit sensors for parking guidance systems, solutions for parking space booking and payment by app.

    Facility management

    Sensor-based system monitoring. Targeted deployment of caretakers in case of alarms.

    Digital assistant

    SMARTassist is a service app that provides employees with a corporate infrastructure (workplace, parking, etc.).